Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Clock, Just Drop It

With a single glance tears creep to my eyes.
Long awaited smiles that may never reveal their face.
Last words seem to hang in the air as we wait for the other to reply.
You had once given me your trust just like I had given you mine.

Facing cross roads with fear and trembling.
Not knowing whether it is you to take the first step or it is I.
I don't know what words to say that would comfort and keep you from leaving.
How is it that strong faith can fade away?

Prayers made at night, that I might have the tongue of the wise.
You laugh and say that He won't listen.
It's like walking through a swamp to reach you.
With one step forward you take two back.

One last prayer made on your behalf.
A simple answer comes
Telling what to do for you.
Time to let go...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Randomness: No Life

Hey All!!
Now I know that I haven't really been posting much of lately and for that I'm sure you are expecting an apology. Sorry to disappoint (keke, see what I did there) but I can't really apologize for something I don't have, which is ideas. You see I am what you call a very random person (hence the title), I can't really stick to a schedule EVER. I am the kind of person that goes around pretty much just running into ideas or even life. Unfortunately, lately I haven't been running into anything.
  "What does that mean?" you might ask (of course you would ask). Well it means I haven't had really any inspiration. I have been living a pretty quiet... well maybe more like boring life.  
 Okay, okay I admit it... yep, world you are about to hear me say.... "I have no life!!!" None. Zilch. Nada. I have no job, no relationship or even a guy I like, except for the Korean pop-stars of course (hehehe, they think I'm kidding). I have none of the things that most girls my age would see as signs of me having a life, but I'm here to tell the world that you guys are sorely mistaken (I hope). I may not have an exciting life or heck even a interesting one at that (I don't think this is helping me). So I can see where you guys might be going, "gosh Nava, I don't know what others are thinking, but to me you look like you have no life" (just a FYI, that's not my real name, and no one really calls me that... but you get the picture, right?)
 Wait, what point was I making, again? Hmm... Oh well.
  Anyway, I don't know about you guys but I feel like I really don't have life sometimes. It seems like I'm just floating around and not really effecting anything or anyone else around me.  Anyone else feel like that? Do you guys feel like you should be doing something more with your life?
  I really hope that you aren't waiting for me to start answering my own questions, because that's just weird , right? Yes. And also, there's just no way for me to answer someone's questions when I'm asking the same ones myself. Wait... (scratches head)... Man, I really bad at this proving a point thing, aren't I. Mmhm. (okay I'll stop) 
  Now don't get all sad and depressed on me, because I can't give you the answers to life (or more like how to have one). There is a happy ending to our quest to find life. Well at least there can be. The answer is... can you guess? I'll give you some clues: The wrapping is truth. The inside is all love. That's right! You got it! That is if you guess the Heavenly Father and His Son.
  If you didn't, don't fret, you just need to read the BEST GIFT CARD EVER or how most people know it by, the Bible. It's a little big and kind of long, but let's face it's always nice to read a card for the one that loves you, right? Absolutely! (sorry, last time)
  Well that's it for now. I need to get back to receiving my gift. As some of you may know it's a life long gift. You just keep finding more to unwrap.
  Wow, I think this is the most appropriate titled post I have ever done. Yes it is. (okay that's the last time, I promise.. at least for this post) XD
  Yah Bless!! And Shalom!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nava sees, Nava draws

Most of the time I like to draw from my imagination. It has always come easier for me and I'm able to express myself more. Other reason is when I had tried to copy a picture or person it always came out wrong. Since I am a perfectionist when it comes to my art I decided that I would just stink to what I'm good at and draw from my imagination.
  Lately I decided to give it another shot. And guess what... I did a good job! In fact my dad says that it's probably his favorite.  But you guys can be the judge of that.

Here is the picture that I copied:

Now this is what my version looks like:

 I learned from this, that being a perfectionist doesn't always work. It may just mean that you won't try anything that you don't think you'll be good at. What we are suppose to do is strive for perfection in every aspect of our life. We may never get it to that point, but it doesn't mean we can't keep trying our hardest even at things we might not be really good at. It may take awhile and a lot of hard work, but eventually we may start to look like the one who is truly perfect. Yahushua the Son of the most high El.

And it came to be when Aḇram was ninety-nine years old, that יהוה appeared to Aḇram and said to him, “I am Ěl Shaddai – walk before Me and be perfect. And I give My covenant between Me and you, and shall greatly increase you." Gen 17: 1-2

"And you shall be set-apart to Me, for I יהוה am set-apart, and have separated you from the peoples to be Mine."   Lev 20:26

“Therefore, be perfect, as your Father in the heavens is perfect."  Mat 5:48

 Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Messiah, greets you, always wrestling for you in prayers, so that you stand perfect1 and complete in all the desire of Elohim.  Col 4:12

And the Elohim of all favour, who called you to His everlasting esteem by Messiah יהושע, after you have suffered a while, Himself perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.   1Pe 5:10

Smell Before You Eat

This is a true story, because there is no way I could make it up. Though, due to the fact that I was not there and that I was getting the story from two or three people at once it may not be totally accurate. 

On our regular weeks my mom will usually go up to the city to this ladies' meeting. It's a place where several women will gather together and study the Scriptures (Bible) and talk about it. A nice time for my mom to get away from the little ones (my siblings... not me, because I'm always awesome to be around). Afterwards she will go grocery shopping.
   Usually she will take friends of ours with her, so that they could go to the study and shop and spend sometime with the gals (Girl Power!). Sometimes my younger sister and/or I will go with her too. This time my sister got to go. I find later that it was a good thing for me that she did, otherwise I would have been one of the victims.

As always I'm getting ahead of myself, so let's see if I can't start from the beginning (is a good place to start).

If you you were wondering. The answer is yes, I do have ADD, or how I like to call it ADHTF (Attention Deficient.... Haha, That's Funny)

Anyway, onward with the story.

  The story starts at the ladies' meeting. They all must have been talking about each other's lives I'm guessing (total girl-talk), because somehow one of the ladies mentioned that her leg was really dry and itchy. I have no idea how this subject came up and I'm not sure I want to know either, so don't ask. Anyway, one of our friends suggested this rash powder called... (not making this up) Anti-Monkey Butt. Yeah, I know... Wow, right?

   As I said before, "there is no way I could make this up". If you don't believe me here are the pictures to prove that it's real.

   Obviously the whole group had a great laugh and the lady that had the  dry skin decided to go find it when the meeting was over. Whether it was because she really believed my friend that it would work, or that she just wanted to see if she could just find it. I don't know. I mean, if I were the lady I wouldn't give up the chance to have in my possession something that had Monkey and Butt in the title. That's just too priceless to me and not to mention a great ice-breaker.

   Now the meeting's over and both parties are off on their quest. One, purposelessly searching for monkey butt powder. The other unknowing that they were soon to come across something... else (you don't actually think I'm going to tell you what it is yet, do you?).
   Remember both stories are important in discovering the point of the this tale.

    We will first follow the party looking for the powder. The lady with the dry leg ended up taking another lady from the group to help her find the outrageously titled rash powder, because she also wanted to buy a bottle. (Who wouldn't, right?)

   Well they get to the nearest store that they thought might carry the monkey butt stuff. Sure enough, the store carried it. In fact they not only carry it, but they only had one bottle left on the shelf. Since the ladies needed two bottles they decided to ask one of the employees if they had any Anti-Monkey Butt in the back. Of course the man had to check if they did. And of course he "had" to use the overhead speakers to get that information.

   When I think about this part of the story I wonder how this might have brightened someones day. Think about it. Imagine a mom who has had just a crummy day so far. She has her screaming toddler in the shopping-cart seat while in her hands she juggling a cellphone and the grocery list. She's just about to break-down just like her toddler when over the loud speakers..... "Do we have any,uh... Anti-Monkey Butt in stock?"
   Hearing that she would probably start to laugh. She would then laugh so hard she'd accidentally drops the phone, which hangs up on the person that she had been trying to get off with for the last half an hour. Which in turns makes her laugh harder, because she has no idea how she would ever explain to that person why she hung up on them. Seeing mommy laugh, the toddler in turn stops crying, then he would start to giggle, then as laughing as hard as his mom.
   Finally the mother composes herself. Wipes the tears from her eyes. Picks up her cellphone. Reaches in her purse. Pulling out a pen and begins to write on her list one more item. Anti-Monkey Butt.
   Hey I know that it's unlikely, but when you put monkeys in the mix... anything can happen.

Now back to the story. (Remember ADHTF)

   While all that was happening the second party; my mom, sister and friends are shopping at 888 Asian Market.  Looking through some of the exotic fruits my mom comes across a odd spiky fruit called a durian that looked something like this. >>>

   She thought that it looked very odd, but beyond that she just went about her merry way, until they were all looking through the frozen food isles. They had decided to try something new and the rule was that whatever they picked they all had to take a taste of it. There were many odd and bizarre things for them to pick (being an Asian food market. (not trying to dis the Asians, I think you guys rock, but you guys have to admit, you have some odd food)). Like, red bean popsicle, green bean popsicle and other stuff that they couldn't remember the names of, so I can't give anymore examples to you.
Not being able to bring themselves to try those, they continued to look around. Finally my mom came across durian popsicles. Thinking that that would be the best choice, being a fruit and all, they grabbed it.

   As they were about to leave one of our friends suggest that maybe they should ask someone about the durian fruit before buying it. Finding someone she asked what the durian tastes like. At first the lady said nothing. Then our friend asked her if it tasted anything like a pineapple, because in an odd-sort of-not really- maybe if you squint and cock your head to the side-no the other side- kind of way it looked like one. The lady slowly started to shake her head "No" as though not knowing what to say about the fruit.
   "What does it taste like?" Our friend asked the lady.
   "Umm, well it has a pretty strong smell to it." She replies vaguely.
   "Does it taste good?"
   "Well... I don't really like it, but my mom does. It's just too strong for me."
   With that answer you'd think that they would have decided, just to be on the safe side, to put the durian popsicles back and forget about tasting something new. Unfortunately you would be thinking wrong. (saw that one coming, right?) They thought that because it was a popsicle that it wouldn't be as bad. What they didn't know is that they were making a horrible mistake. (This is the part where you make the "duh duh duhhhhh" sound effect, just so you know.)

   Once they all got to the car my mom takes out the box of the mysterious fruit popsicles. She opened the box and that's when it began. My sister said she knew right then and there that she wasn't going to even open the packaging of the popsicle let alone taste it. The smell was awful, but my mom seemed determined to fulfill the agreement.
   So she passes out all the popsicles to everyone. My sister just stared at hers thinking, If this how bad it smells in the wrapping there is no way I'm opening it. Apparently my mother and friends were a lot more brave, because each took a taste. My mom said, "I ate three bites thinking that it just might get better, but nope. It didn't".
   Now knowing how bad it tasted and how horrible it smelt, my mom came up with this brilliant idea. The kind of ideas that usually end up effecting us kids more than her. The kind of idea that people run in terror from, screaming: "I dropped my purple slippers!" Okay, well that isn't exactly true, because I never actually heard a person scream that, but you never know, there is always a first time for everything.
   Anyway, the brilliant idea was to bring what was left of the smelly popsicles home to... you'll never guess. Us! That's right. My mom thought it would be a great idea to bring the stinky fruit to us kids that had the luck to stay home.
Well you will be happy to know that it never made it home. as it turns out, that even wrapped, out in a box, and then put in a cooler still doesn't kill the stink. After coming out of the grocery store my mom opens the back door and the next thing they know she was opening the cooler and throwing out the box saying, "This stuff has got to go". So thankfully the people at home were spared.

   Now for those who don't know, a Durian fruit is a very interesting but smelly subject. It's considered a rare  delicacy in parts of southeast Asian. One fruit cost about 50 American dollars. The tree that produces the fruit has to be 15 years old before it can bare the spiky fruit. Millions are said to love the taste of it though I doubt many people could say the same about the smell of it.
   Because the smell of the fruit is so putrid, when it is in season, hotels and restaurants have to keep an eye out for people trying to smuggle it in. Yes, you read right, people are now smuggling stinky fruit. (What is the world coming to?)
   The smell is described, and I quote, "The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust, and has been described variously as almonds, rotten onions, turpentine and gym socks."  Some say it smells like dead dog or dead fish and custard. (Who has smelt dead fish and custard before, is what I'd like to know.)
  But how do both stories tie together you might ask. Well after they had tasted the fruit and while they were still in the grocery store my mom got a call. It was the lady with the Anti-Monkey Butt.
   As my mom listened to the lady's story she began to laugh harder and harder. She finally handed the phone over to  her friend who in turn listened to the story.
    Now both are laughing in the middle of the store, because they have realized that they both know exactly how to describe the smell of the durian fruit.

So from then on I will always remember the day that my mom came across the Monkey Butt Fruit. 

The End

If you thought this story was funny then please copy and paste the link, and send it out to your friends. Who knows  you just might brighten someone else's day, or at the least warn them about the Durian or how my family calls it.. The Monkey Butt Fruit.  :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet Gift From Yah

At first light, soft and sweet
You remind me of honeysuckle in the wind.
Small and minute, you sometimes go unnoticed.
Once in the spotlight of their eyes though,
They can’t help but breath in your sweet beauty.
And now you have my attention.

Changing with such ease
You are now mesmerizing.
Like the flames of a fire,
Or the rippling water of a stream;
I can’t keep my eyes away from you.
What a beautiful voice,
That speaks to my soul.

Now you have become so strong.
I can’t help but think of thunder-storm
Or a lion roar.
My heart beats as if it’s about to explode,
But yet my smile is broad.

You finally grow slow again,
Like a sea that that had raged but now is calm.
Tears find their way to my eyes.
Only now am I able to look away to the people all around me.
I see their calm and peaceful face
And realize that you are a gift from Yahuwah,
For being able to bring all these people to this place.

How can something be so beautiful,
But yet unseen?   
How can you speak to me so deeply
Yet without uttering a word?

Finally you are gone.
No fingerprints are left,
No sign that you ever had existed,
Just the memory that ring in our minds.

Thank you,
Sweet gift from Yah.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nerdified Photos

As some of you may know, I am a pretty big nerd when it comes to sci-fi stuff, especially Star Wars stuff. But something you might not have known –because I just started getting into it- is that I like to photo-shop pictures. So with this new found talent and my geekieness (not a word) I came up with these pictures.
      The first picture I found on the web and then changed it a bit, so it would work as my cover for the book I’m writing The Cold Killer.

The hardest part was getting the glow from the lightsabers to reflet the eyes.

When I say a bit, I actually mean a lot, because this is what it looked like before I got it.

Before I got my hands on it. See what I mean by "a lot"?

The next one was a little more involved and I needed some help with it. My sister volunteered to help me out with it (her being the photographer and me being the model). So she and I went up to our backyard hill that looks very wild like. And me using a stick as my lightsaber we took some pictures (some meaning like 50). I’m not going to show you all of them of course, but here are two of them that we took.
What they look like without the photo-shop….

Now here is what it looks like with the changes....

And yes I have redish skin. You should see the one with me having purple hair... Now that's freaky

This next one my sister took after I got dressed up like a pirate. It was in the field behind our house. It was getting dark but we wanted to get this picture before we went back inside.

This is why.....

Making my hair dark was the hardest part, but I think it looks pretty cool. I have always wanted black hair. J

Well that’s it for now. Hope you like my nerdy photo shoot. Till next time…
Yah Bless!! :D

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Attack of the Little Furry Monsters

Waking up to a blaring sound.
Blurry eyed I crawl out of bed,
Unaware of what's around.
Not ready to start the day,
But know I have to.
Brush teeth though still asleep.
Try not to fall over while putting on clothes.
Reflection staring at me as I untangle my hair;
Looking as tired as I feel.
Finally it’s time to face the day.

I go outside to embrace the day,
But I am hit with horror instead.
Ready to scream I look at the destruction that as gone on.
Holes dug.
Petals pulled.
Leaves chewed.
What creature caused this mayhem?

Then I see.
Not creature, but creatures are the culprits.
They look up at me daring me to scream.
But I can’t.
I am speechless as I see them rip my flowers.
Their small clawed paws tear at the defenseless leaves.
White teeth ripping without any care to what they've done.
They are my little furry monsters.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beautiful Backyard Song

The birds’ sweet song is surrounding me.
They seem to be calling me to be all that I am meant to be.
Breathing in the sweet country air I begin to sing.
The birds are my melody I am their harmony.

I can feel the soft grass beneath my feet.
The blades tickle my feet.
Laughing, I begin to dance;
My arms in the air,
My whole body spins around and around as though I were the wind itself.

I close my eyes as I lift my head to the sky;
Still laughing, still spinning.
The earth is my stage.
The sun is my spot light.

I can hear the trees moving to the song’s beat.
They are my dancers,
Singing with me.

The sheets on the clothesline are whipping in the wind.
They look like arms reaching out to me;
Pure and strong.
They are my rhythm to this beautiful backyard song.

“Yahweh, dear Father
Never let this moment end”
Is my plea.
I hear His laughter.
It is its own song,
Yet it seems to fit with the music.

I can feel Him smiling down upon me.
“You can have this moment everyday,
For I give you the ability to praise.”

With that I awake to realize that it is only a dream.
The song and dance is no longer there.
Sadness creeps upon me,
I have lost my beautiful song.

Then, like a soft whisper I hear it,
My song!
I jump out of bed,
Run to the backdoor following the song.

Throwing open the door I can’t help but laugh.
There looking right at me is my beautiful backyard song.
Running out, barefoot and PJs
I begin to dance.

I sing the song of my dreams,
“Thank you Yah,
For you have given me the ability to praise!”  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Beloved is Mine

Several months ago I was going through a hard time. Through that hard time I had come to believe that I was worthless, that no one would ever love me. It took- or should I saying taking- a lot of time to make myself realize that I am worth something, that there is someone out there that loves me. His name is Yahshua, my groom-to-be and He has a Father that is also waiting for me with open arms wide. All I have to do –all we have to do- is come to Him humbled and willing to do whatever He asks.

I know it sounds crazy, but yes to be with our True Love we have to learn to obey Him and His Father. Here’s the cool thing though, They know what’s best for us, so there is no reason not to disobey them. Sometimes it might seem that we can’t measure up to Their expectations, but that’s another cool part about it all… They forgive and show us mercy, but most of all love. If we just ask They will give us a hand up and help brush us off. All we have to do is admit that we have fallen down, need help back up and do our best to not fall into anymore potholes.

Now don’t get me wrong, They will always love you. You can’t change that even if you wanted to- and trust me you don’t. They are calling us all to become The Bride. “Many are called, but few are chosen” Matthew 22:14

So please, I beg you, be in the group that are chosen. You will not regret it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mooonlight Dancer Why Not Me

Like the quiet before the storm.
She lifts her foot just inches from the ground.
Pointing it like an arrow she waits for it all to begin.
It’s her moment, her time to be wild and free.
Every muscle tense,
Every limb set in a perfect pose,
There she waits.

Now it is finally time for her to shine.

With a loud burst like thunder she begins.
Jumping high into the air
She is the wind that rolls over the hill.
Moving her arms with grace
She is the branches of the trees swaying.
Her face is so tight and emotionless,
Yet you can’t help but stare.
She is like a china doll,
But unbreakable.

With refinement and regality she moves across the floor.
She is the swan,
I am the ugly duckling.
Envy fills my heart as I see her dance with such polished beauty.
Why her and not me?
She is the moonlight dancer;
Shining brighter than us all.
I sit watching her on that stage.

Tears come to my eyes,
But not because of the beauty of it all.
It is because of something dark and deep that is within me.
Like strong talon hands it grabs me…

Now I am no longer seeing the beauty.
No longer looking at her with awe but hatred.
Why couldn’t have I been content?
Where did I lose sight of the beauty?
Moonlight Dancer I am sorry.
Please forgive me.   

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Reasoning Behind Women

The poem goes out to all the guys that ask this question,
"Did I do something wrong?"

Implosion, explosion,
What’s the difference when it’s happening to my head?
I am ready to scream,
But I dare not for I already feel the affect of my unmade cry.
What is that blasted ringing?

I want to dig my fingers in my skull and screech like a bat,
But of course I just sit in silent pain.
I feel as though I’m in a crowd when I’m only with a few.
People that use to be so sweet are now aggravating.
Why are all the lights so freakin’ bright in here?

I feel like a lioness that is ready to roar.
But I am the mouse, silent as stone.
You people talk about nothing as though it was something.
With every word you speak brings you closer to your most certain death.
Oh Yahweh, please help me to refrain from killing these poor fellows.

I hate today and the next,
Because I know it will just bring the same.
Yesterday was the rose,
Now today is the thorn.
Why is the past better than the now?
You may ask.
I shall reply with a smile like the Cheshire cat,
“Because my dear, yesterday was just fine,”
“Now it’s PMS time.”

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Back

Hey all,
I know that I haven’t posted anything awhile, but I’m going to try and do some more writing. We’ll see how it goes.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Single Tear (Part 2)

Shame masked by anger
As she slips out the door and into the night.
Fear drowned by the thought of finally being free,
She will not look back.
The Forest of Possibilities lies ahead.

The Forest of Possibilities, hah, that was a laugh, she thought now with disgust. It was filled with possibilities, true. Different possibilities of death:  To fall into the deep dark pits, laid by the creatures of Despair; never to see Light again. To drown in the rushing river of Fear; never to breath the sweet air of Life again. To die from the Cold and Starvation; never to taste her Father’s bread again. To be eaten by the Beast that now stocked her.

The wind begins to pick up. It pulls at the girl’s pale gold hair, covering her face like a golden web. She looks up to the sky with dread in her heart. She knew what this kind of wind meant. A storm was on its way. The beast will have the advantage, though it already held her life in the palm of its talon hand.

A twig snaps to her right. He was close now.
The girl put her hand to her left hip.  Her figure tips lightly touched the wooden handle of her sword. The sword was dull and rusty, but it would have to do. The stench of Darkness was all around her now; intoxicating and suffocating. A knot formed in her throat. He was here.