Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who You Are To Me

A diamond in the rough you are
But somehow I found you.
I couldn't believe it,
Could it be?
Had found you,
The one I have been looking for?
How could such a treasure fall into my hands?

Desperate to know you, 
I took the leap and extended a hand in friendship
Always hoping for something more.
Then to my surprise you became my friend
And more.
It felt like a dream.

So unsure at first if you were real I held back,
Fearing love and what it might bring.
But you stayed,
Never shaking,
You were real!

You have promised promises that I never knew could be kept,
But you do.
You have broken through all my walls and defenses
And by that, have given me strength I have never known before.
How I have been so bless 
To be the one that has been chosen 
For you, my love,
Yah only knows.

I can not understand the Farther's reasoning in this match
But I thank Him every day for you.
You are more precious to me than the air I breath
And I know none on this earth could love you more than I,
No, not one.
For you are my love.