Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beautiful Backyard Song

The birds’ sweet song is surrounding me.
They seem to be calling me to be all that I am meant to be.
Breathing in the sweet country air I begin to sing.
The birds are my melody I am their harmony.

I can feel the soft grass beneath my feet.
The blades tickle my feet.
Laughing, I begin to dance;
My arms in the air,
My whole body spins around and around as though I were the wind itself.

I close my eyes as I lift my head to the sky;
Still laughing, still spinning.
The earth is my stage.
The sun is my spot light.

I can hear the trees moving to the song’s beat.
They are my dancers,
Singing with me.

The sheets on the clothesline are whipping in the wind.
They look like arms reaching out to me;
Pure and strong.
They are my rhythm to this beautiful backyard song.

“Yahweh, dear Father
Never let this moment end”
Is my plea.
I hear His laughter.
It is its own song,
Yet it seems to fit with the music.

I can feel Him smiling down upon me.
“You can have this moment everyday,
For I give you the ability to praise.”

With that I awake to realize that it is only a dream.
The song and dance is no longer there.
Sadness creeps upon me,
I have lost my beautiful song.

Then, like a soft whisper I hear it,
My song!
I jump out of bed,
Run to the backdoor following the song.

Throwing open the door I can’t help but laugh.
There looking right at me is my beautiful backyard song.
Running out, barefoot and PJs
I begin to dance.

I sing the song of my dreams,
“Thank you Yah,
For you have given me the ability to praise!”  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Beloved is Mine

Several months ago I was going through a hard time. Through that hard time I had come to believe that I was worthless, that no one would ever love me. It took- or should I saying taking- a lot of time to make myself realize that I am worth something, that there is someone out there that loves me. His name is Yahshua, my groom-to-be and He has a Father that is also waiting for me with open arms wide. All I have to do –all we have to do- is come to Him humbled and willing to do whatever He asks.

I know it sounds crazy, but yes to be with our True Love we have to learn to obey Him and His Father. Here’s the cool thing though, They know what’s best for us, so there is no reason not to disobey them. Sometimes it might seem that we can’t measure up to Their expectations, but that’s another cool part about it all… They forgive and show us mercy, but most of all love. If we just ask They will give us a hand up and help brush us off. All we have to do is admit that we have fallen down, need help back up and do our best to not fall into anymore potholes.

Now don’t get me wrong, They will always love you. You can’t change that even if you wanted to- and trust me you don’t. They are calling us all to become The Bride. “Many are called, but few are chosen” Matthew 22:14

So please, I beg you, be in the group that are chosen. You will not regret it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mooonlight Dancer Why Not Me

Like the quiet before the storm.
She lifts her foot just inches from the ground.
Pointing it like an arrow she waits for it all to begin.
It’s her moment, her time to be wild and free.
Every muscle tense,
Every limb set in a perfect pose,
There she waits.

Now it is finally time for her to shine.

With a loud burst like thunder she begins.
Jumping high into the air
She is the wind that rolls over the hill.
Moving her arms with grace
She is the branches of the trees swaying.
Her face is so tight and emotionless,
Yet you can’t help but stare.
She is like a china doll,
But unbreakable.

With refinement and regality she moves across the floor.
She is the swan,
I am the ugly duckling.
Envy fills my heart as I see her dance with such polished beauty.
Why her and not me?
She is the moonlight dancer;
Shining brighter than us all.
I sit watching her on that stage.

Tears come to my eyes,
But not because of the beauty of it all.
It is because of something dark and deep that is within me.
Like strong talon hands it grabs me…

Now I am no longer seeing the beauty.
No longer looking at her with awe but hatred.
Why couldn’t have I been content?
Where did I lose sight of the beauty?
Moonlight Dancer I am sorry.
Please forgive me.