Friday, May 11, 2012


Life in straight lines,
The world seen through simple eyes 
Everything in only black and white. 

Seeing things just as they are, but not could be,
How they should be.
Just take a look at all the possibilities. 
But they are only content to be a mindless Zombie:

No purity
No sanctity
Not even real charity.

Never grateful
Never joyful
Nothing ever beautiful.

Can anyone but me see this lands true beauty?
Is anyone else alive in this land of Zombies?
There are some that sing praises to The King.

We are a small in numbers, but we scream revolution!
Because we are here to fight humanity's delusions.
Against all the lies and illusions 
And know that, through trusting and obeying the Father there will be restitution.

Though we walk in the land of the dead,
We need not have fear, need not dread
For the one that raised us also gave us everlasting water and bread
Because His Son renewed our lives with his blood that was shed.

So in the Truth we stand,
And like He promised He will keep us safe in His hand;
From this dangerous world, from this desolate Zombieland.

~   ~   ~

Eze 36:33 ‘Thus said the Master יהוה, “On the day that I cleanse you from all your crookednesses, I shall cause the cities to be inhabited, and the ruined places shall be rebuilt,
Eze 36:34 and the land that was laid waste tilled instead of being a ruin before the eyes of all who pass by.
Eze 36:35 “And they shall say, ‘This land that was laid waste has become like the garden of Ěḏen. And the wasted, the deserted, and the destroyed cities are now walled and inhabited.’
Eze 36:36 “Then the gentiles which are left all around you shall know that I, יהוה, have rebuilt the destroyed places and planted what was laid waste. I, יהוה, have spoken it, and I shall do it.”