Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Single Tear (Part 2)

Shame masked by anger
As she slips out the door and into the night.
Fear drowned by the thought of finally being free,
She will not look back.
The Forest of Possibilities lies ahead.

The Forest of Possibilities, hah, that was a laugh, she thought now with disgust. It was filled with possibilities, true. Different possibilities of death:  To fall into the deep dark pits, laid by the creatures of Despair; never to see Light again. To drown in the rushing river of Fear; never to breath the sweet air of Life again. To die from the Cold and Starvation; never to taste her Father’s bread again. To be eaten by the Beast that now stocked her.

The wind begins to pick up. It pulls at the girl’s pale gold hair, covering her face like a golden web. She looks up to the sky with dread in her heart. She knew what this kind of wind meant. A storm was on its way. The beast will have the advantage, though it already held her life in the palm of its talon hand.

A twig snaps to her right. He was close now.
The girl put her hand to her left hip.  Her figure tips lightly touched the wooden handle of her sword. The sword was dull and rusty, but it would have to do. The stench of Darkness was all around her now; intoxicating and suffocating. A knot formed in her throat. He was here.