Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet Gift From Yah

At first light, soft and sweet
You remind me of honeysuckle in the wind.
Small and minute, you sometimes go unnoticed.
Once in the spotlight of their eyes though,
They can’t help but breath in your sweet beauty.
And now you have my attention.

Changing with such ease
You are now mesmerizing.
Like the flames of a fire,
Or the rippling water of a stream;
I can’t keep my eyes away from you.
What a beautiful voice,
That speaks to my soul.

Now you have become so strong.
I can’t help but think of thunder-storm
Or a lion roar.
My heart beats as if it’s about to explode,
But yet my smile is broad.

You finally grow slow again,
Like a sea that that had raged but now is calm.
Tears find their way to my eyes.
Only now am I able to look away to the people all around me.
I see their calm and peaceful face
And realize that you are a gift from Yahuwah,
For being able to bring all these people to this place.

How can something be so beautiful,
But yet unseen?   
How can you speak to me so deeply
Yet without uttering a word?

Finally you are gone.
No fingerprints are left,
No sign that you ever had existed,
Just the memory that ring in our minds.

Thank you,
Sweet gift from Yah.