Monday, December 10, 2012

The Sojourner of Sorrow

Lonely and weary soul,
You have long walked this path of troubles and fears.
Not once have you laid your head to rest
Nor have you stopped to listen.
Listen and hear my word now,

You weary traveler.
What life is this for you?
Long have your troubles gone and your fears cease,
But yet you still walk this trail.
For what reason have you chosen this road so melancholy,
This path so lonely?

You foolish wanderer,
Many times have you passed the ones that will bring you out from the cold,
But you still walk on.
They love you,
They call for you to come so they may wash your blistered feet,
But you do not turn to them.

Sojourner of sorrow,
You look for comfort,
But will not take it when offered.
Seeking rest you keep walking forward
When the One that can give it walks next to you.

Oh, my lonely and weary soul,
You have already found what you are looking for.
So stop your wandering
For you troubles are over
And your fears are no more.