Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Clock, Just Drop It

With a single glance tears creep to my eyes.
Long awaited smiles that may never reveal their face.
Last words seem to hang in the air as we wait for the other to reply.
You had once given me your trust just like I had given you mine.

Facing cross roads with fear and trembling.
Not knowing whether it is you to take the first step or it is I.
I don't know what words to say that would comfort and keep you from leaving.
How is it that strong faith can fade away?

Prayers made at night, that I might have the tongue of the wise.
You laugh and say that He won't listen.
It's like walking through a swamp to reach you.
With one step forward you take two back.

One last prayer made on your behalf.
A simple answer comes
Telling what to do for you.
Time to let go...