Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Love Letter to My King

Hey all,
I know I haven't post anything in forever, it's mainly because when I do write a poem it's going the Youth for YHWH, because I'm one of the contributors to the site. But this poem I wanted to post on my own blog. This poem is very personal to me, even though I just wrote it last night. It came to me as I was praying to the Heavenly Father, asking Him a question that I have been asking Him a lot lately, and that is "How can I serve You more Yahuwah?". Soon after I prayed, this poem came to me. I'm not saying this was an answer from Him of what I'm meant to do, because I don't know, but I do know that this was Yahuwah's way of saying to just keep giving praise to Him in all that I do. So I'll wait and will continually give Him praise and serve Him the way I have till he shows me how I can better serve Him. I also encourage you to do that same, because He is worth giving your entire life to.
So here is my love letter to Yahuwah. 

Oh Yahuwah, how great You are.
Your name is as the sweet summer breeze when upon my lips.
Your voice is that of clashing thunder in a wild storm.
Who has seen You?
Not I,
But imagine Your beauty every day.

Dressed in garments more beautiful than the finest sunset,
You walk with more grace than the deer that bounds through the field.
In Your right hand would be the Scepter of justice and authority.
On Your head is the Crown of honor and majesty.
The sandals on Your feet are weaved together with the Set-apart light.
At Your side is the Sword of vengeance.
For any who come against Your people 
Will see the of its blade.

But all of that isn't why I call You my God, my El, my King.
Despite all those beauties described,
Mine eyes have not yet seen Your face.
But there is something that I have seen
And it is the reason to make You my King.

It is Your love for me;
For it is far stronger than the Scepter of justice and authority,
It is Sharper than the Sword of vengeance,
More magnificent than the Crown of honor;
Filled with light so bright it reveals the darkness within me.

Your Love is the Set-apart light.
And Your love is what makes You beautiful in mine eyes.
So from now and till forever drops away,
You are my Father and my King.

~Sincerely and forever more Yours~

Written in bold some are, but what do these words together say? Read them in order and you might find, wisdom between the phrase.
Yah Bless!