Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Randomness: No Life

Hey All!!
Now I know that I haven't really been posting much of lately and for that I'm sure you are expecting an apology. Sorry to disappoint (keke, see what I did there) but I can't really apologize for something I don't have, which is ideas. You see I am what you call a very random person (hence the title), I can't really stick to a schedule EVER. I am the kind of person that goes around pretty much just running into ideas or even life. Unfortunately, lately I haven't been running into anything.
  "What does that mean?" you might ask (of course you would ask). Well it means I haven't had really any inspiration. I have been living a pretty quiet... well maybe more like boring life.  
 Okay, okay I admit it... yep, world you are about to hear me say.... "I have no life!!!" None. Zilch. Nada. I have no job, no relationship or even a guy I like, except for the Korean pop-stars of course (hehehe, they think I'm kidding). I have none of the things that most girls my age would see as signs of me having a life, but I'm here to tell the world that you guys are sorely mistaken (I hope). I may not have an exciting life or heck even a interesting one at that (I don't think this is helping me). So I can see where you guys might be going, "gosh Nava, I don't know what others are thinking, but to me you look like you have no life" (just a FYI, that's not my real name, and no one really calls me that... but you get the picture, right?)
 Wait, what point was I making, again? Hmm... Oh well.
  Anyway, I don't know about you guys but I feel like I really don't have life sometimes. It seems like I'm just floating around and not really effecting anything or anyone else around me.  Anyone else feel like that? Do you guys feel like you should be doing something more with your life?
  I really hope that you aren't waiting for me to start answering my own questions, because that's just weird , right? Yes. And also, there's just no way for me to answer someone's questions when I'm asking the same ones myself. Wait... (scratches head)... Man, I really bad at this proving a point thing, aren't I. Mmhm. (okay I'll stop) 
  Now don't get all sad and depressed on me, because I can't give you the answers to life (or more like how to have one). There is a happy ending to our quest to find life. Well at least there can be. The answer is... can you guess? I'll give you some clues: The wrapping is truth. The inside is all love. That's right! You got it! That is if you guess the Heavenly Father and His Son.
  If you didn't, don't fret, you just need to read the BEST GIFT CARD EVER or how most people know it by, the Bible. It's a little big and kind of long, but let's face it's always nice to read a card for the one that loves you, right? Absolutely! (sorry, last time)
  Well that's it for now. I need to get back to receiving my gift. As some of you may know it's a life long gift. You just keep finding more to unwrap.
  Wow, I think this is the most appropriate titled post I have ever done. Yes it is. (okay that's the last time, I promise.. at least for this post) XD
  Yah Bless!! And Shalom!