Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Single Tear (Part 1)

In a dark forest gloom, a silent soul crouches in the shadows completely still. The soul can feel the darkness calling for her; yes the soul is a girl. She barely lets out a breath of air; she listens to the sounds of the forest. It’s out there somewhere, watching, waiting for her to make the move. The predator of the forest it is, and she is to be the prey.
Calming her throbbing heart beat she brings herself closer to the ground and listens. Boom… boom… boom… boom.  At first nothing, then the slightest drum sound signifying that it was on the move. With the sound comes fear, with fear comes anger and with anger comes Darkness.
Slowly she lifts her head and looks around. She hopes to see him come before he’s here, but how can you see a shadow when you are surrounded by them.
Lifting her face to the sky, she prays for light. She prays for strength.  But to who will answer; the one she abandoned? No she knew she was on her own. She was the one that left him not the other way around. She had wanted to be free, and so she was, to die.
A single tear falls down her cheek, to the end of her chin and to the ground. There it calls to him, wails for him to forgive her. That single tear waits for the one that will save.